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High School Teacher Marc Alter 
Receives 2023

STG Prevention Advocate Award


We were thrilled to present the 2023 Prevention Advocate Award to Grandview Heights High School teacher, Marc Alter.  

We were thrilled to present the 2022 Prevention Advocate Award to Grandview Heights Library and Canaan Faulkner. Thanks for your partnership as together we educate and empower our community. 

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Canaan Faulkner and Grandview Heights Public Library
STG Prevention Advocate Award

Grandview Heights Public Library

"Thank you to Start Talking Grandview for recognizing the library with their 2022 Prevention Advocate Award! We have enjoyed many terrific events and collaborations that raise awareness around potentially life-saving topics including mental health, the risks of substance misuse, positive coping, and wellness strategies. We’re grateful for your partnership and everything you do for the community!"

2021 Carl Acton Recognized with Inaugural
STG Prevention Advocate Award

Carl Acton was recognized at a District Board of Education Meeting in May for "his commitment to promoting safe conversations with students in the GHCSD about important and potentially life-saving topics around whole-person identity, mental health positive coping and wellness strategies." 

Superintendent Andy Culp, Carl Acton, Lindsey Bertani, Alison Gessner Rooney, Meg Hatta, Quint Gage

Carl Acton:

"I want to sincerely thank you for presenting me with the Start Talking Grandview Prevention Advocate Award! I cannot adequately express what receiving this award means to me; that I was even considered for this award is such a tremendous honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


...As I drove home after the Board of Education meeting last week, I was so excited and touched. Please know how deeply grateful I am and will continue to be for the Start Talking Grandview organization.


I promise to remember and carry with me for a lifetime what it means to be a Prevention Advocate; someone who listens to, cares for, and guides those in my care. The lifesaving work that you do through your organization every day is vitally important. I am so grateful for your commitment to having safe, honest conversations with children and young adults about the challenges they may face and identifying healthy coping strategies. Thank you also for working tirelessly to combat the negative messages our children face daily and destigmatizing mental health and substance misuse. Continue on in this most excellent, noble endeavor! "

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