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Screens, Teens and The Connection to
Mental Health
Community Conversation and Workshop!

November 16, 2023

Start Talking Grandview's
Screens, Teens and The Connection to Mental Health
Takeaway Resource For Families!
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#commUnity at our best ~ On November 16, 2023 we came together facing a common challenge. We learned how screens (are designed to) affect our brains and especially those of our teens. And the resulting consequences to our collective mental health including isolation and anxiety at crisis levels. We learned and shared how to talk with our teens (and ourselves) and create balance even in a tech-dependent world. We learned we are not alone in this challenge and that there are steps we can take as families ~ and to support each other ~ starting today. Thank you to Kari Vernon of The MEE Company for facilitating and to all who attended. Together ~ as a community ~ we come together and #StartTalking.

April 17, 2023

To address the topic of vaping, 

STG hosted a Nationwide Children's Hospital doctor and a former tobacco cessation counselor, along with the mother/daughter duo who shared their vaping dependence and cessation journey.

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