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Grandview Heights Schools Day Of Service Learning


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November, 2023

We were thrilled to engage with and learn from students during the Day of Service Mini-Conference at Grandview Heights High School. Such insightful, caring young people. We love our community!

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Drug and Alcohol Fact Week


STG recognized National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week through the National Institute on Drug Abuse - NIDA with Grandview Heights High School and Middle School.  Through digital communication to students, daily myths and facts were presented through quizzes for a chance to win prizes from local businesses! 

May 2023

One Big Step In Prevention


Thank you Louis Essig for sharing your story with the 8th grade class (who initiated this conversation) of Grandview Heights Schools. Our young people benefit greatly from the facts about substance use and the risks.

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Disease of Addiction Discussion March, 2022 

In the March of 2022 STG attended the biology classes at Grandview Heights High School discussing the disease of addiction. Watch and discuss this story of addiction with your family.

Difficult conversations can save lives.

Thank you STG board member Louis Essig for sharing your story to help others.

Following our November community event, “Not our Kids, Not in Grandview” 2020, we asked for feedback. Number one response was "Present this message to students".

In working with Grandview Heights Schools, STG Board Member and GHHS alum Louis Essig was able to share his story with 10th graders as part of their biology classes.

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"Very grateful today to be able to go back to Grandview Heights High School and speak to the 10th graders about substance abuse and addiction. To be able to share my story in the community is an amazing part of my journey in recovery." Thank you Start Talking Grandview, GHHS, Bryan Stork, and Ty Sells for helping to make this happen!" Louis Essig

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