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Anxiety and Mental Health
What Can Parents Do? 

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September, 2022

Thank you to BirdieLight and Dr. Beth Weinstock for bringing the Grandview Heights, Ohio community #closertosafe.

In the face of exponential deaths due to accidental fentanyl ingestion know these facts:

  • 1 of every 5 pills in circulation WILL contain fentanyl

  • Trace amounts of fentanyl can kill


Do you know the THREE steps to help prevent accidental death due to fentanyl poisoning?

If/when taking a pill or powder:

  1. Test for fentanyl (test strips available)

  2. Never use/ingest alone

  3. Carry Narcan


The safest step:

never take a pill or powder other than prescribed to you and dispensed by a pharmacy. #nosharingpills

Please DO share this message with your young people/family members.



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Fentanyl Risks: Empowering Youth 

Anxiety and Mental Health
What Can Parents Do? 

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April, 2022

Start Talking Grandview hosted Mental Health Advocate, Preston Moore, together with invited guests from Grandview Heights Schools and local Community Partners to Start Talking about Anxiety and Mental Health. Attendees learned about supports, action steps, how to improve family relationships, prepare for life transitions, and what to do if a child or teen is experiencing a mental health crisis.

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